Franz Haas

Franz Haas

The people

When we started in 1990, we were just three people, a very small family, which has grown over the years and is now made of almost thirty people.

Family is always something we hold dear and want to talk about.

And like all families, we have our own disagreements and problems, but also the desire to work together in peace. Only in this way, we are able to create a constructive, professional, forward-looking, and well-meaning team.

All these prerogatives are necessary to get good results.

To this end, we are making constant efforts to improve ourselves, trying not to forget our original commitments: respect and gratitude. The human touch we have always tried to convey, as well as the good manners and hospitality are what distinguishes us and we truly believe that they are an essential part of our success.

A big family.
A big family.

In 1990, Maria Luisa started being involved full time in the company. The experience she gained from her previous job at the family restaurant has contributed to the development of her great sense of hospitality and courtesy towards people. Her innate attention to detail and her love for art have given the company a unique and distinctive style.

Thomas is the person who has been within the company for the longest time, only second to Franz. He arrived in 1988 and still follows all those small, yet big tasks that have to be carried out daily in the company.

Angelika joined the team in 1990 following her school internship of the previous year. Franz’s right hand in the wine cellar, she is a pillar of great competence. Since 2015, Edoardo has joined the team in the cellar and has been dealing with the work in the cellar, the warehouse and bottling.

Lorena, who is responsible for the office administration and the agent network in Italy, has been working with Franz Haas since 1993. She is also passionately dedicated to welcoming the historical clients she knows very well by now. Patience, great management skills and excellent memory are the characteristics that distinguish her. To help her with her work with the agents, Valentina joined the team in 2018 and brought a note of joy to the office with her bursting vitality.

Our beloved Manfred started working at Franz Haas in December 2016. With attention, patience and kindness, he welcomes and serves all the customers who come and visit us to better understand our philosophy and look at what we have built over the years. He also helps and follows them in several communications.

Georg made his professional debut in the company in 2001. He manages what concerns the bureaucratic part of the birth of a wine: winemaking registers, bottling, marketing records, grape suppliers, rents and all the purchases related to the packaging and wine bottle design. Georg can count on Helga, who arrived in 2018.

Klaus, our vineyard manager, has worked at Franz Haas since 2000. He is a great organizer and efficiently manages his team and everything that concerns the basis for the production of a good wine. In our case, this no simple task: we are not lucky enough to have large terrains close to the winery, but many small ones from 200 up to 1.150 meters above sea level and in several neighbouring municipalities.

The team working in the vineyards is composed of Christian who joined us in 2004, Robert (since 2010), Toni (since 2011), Tod (since 2012), Markus (since 2015), Denis (since 2018) and Matteo (since 2020).

Stefan started collaborating with Franz Haas in 2003 and immediately took over the reins of the warehouse following both shipments in Italy and abroad, as well as taking care of the organizational preparation of the bottling. To help him there is Manuel, arrived in 2017, who also takes care of other several small tasks in the company.

Mara manages the accounting office since 2008. Cinzia, who joined Franz Haas in 2015, assists her in her work.

Andi started his new adventure at Franz Haas in 2010 and completely changed the company’s performance in a short period of time. Before then, our market was 95% nationally focused. Thanks to him, in only a few years Franz Haas wines began to spread and be recognized in many other parts of the world. Today, the Italian market represents 75%, whereas the remaining 25% of the market is focused abroad, also thanks to the increasing number of bottles produced. To help him with the operational part, Andi can count on Sofia, who had already played other roles within the company since 2013, and Eleonora, who joined us in 2019.

Franz Haas VIII, called by everybody as Franz junior, works in the company since 2010. Despite his exceptional talent of a fine nose, he has decided not to follow his father’s example, and instead move his footsteps in the commercial part with Andi’s help. He dedicates himself to the European market and part of the foreign one. When necessary, he also helps with the Italian one and makes himself available to welcome guests in the winery.

Last but not least, our dearest Paula, Cristina and Elvira, who arrived respectively in 2010, 2015, and 2017. With their tenacity, goodwill and patience, they help us make sure that here at Franz Haas everything is clean, welcoming, and in the right place; for a company like ours, these are fundamental roles.


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