Franz Haas

Franz Haas
Petit Manseng

Petit Manseng

It is a particularly aromatic wine with a straw yellow color. The scent is very intense and fruity (dried fruit) with mineral notes, while on the palate it is savory with a good acidity and texture.


Yield per hectare
40 hectoliters
5.000 bottles
Recommended serving temperature
12° C - 14° C

Production area

The Petit Manseng grows on alluvial soils, on low hills between 220 and 320 meters above sea level and it is cultivated using the Guyot method. The bunch is characterized by sparse, very small and thick-skinned grapes.


The fermentation takes place in barrique where it is left to age for about ten months, afterwards the ageing takes place for several months in the bottle.

Food Pairing

Served cold, at a temperature of twelve degrees, it is hedonistically captivating and matches very well with Asian cuisine, Thai soups, fish soups, pasta with bottarga or it can be simply enjoyed as an aperitif.